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Related post: Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 21:10:54 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Gaige Subject: Random Sex innocent model photos Acts - Chapter 2Copyrighted 2011: This story is protected under US copyright law. No part of it may be reproduced in any way without the express written consent of the author. The author grants and its mirror sites permission to post the story on their websites.DISCLAIMER: The following story contains detailed descriptions of homosexual activities. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you models underwear pics find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose cristina teen model to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it! Random Sex Acts Chapter Two----------------------------------------------------------------------------After Ray left, I was lonely, and even a little depressed. I was also very horny! Although it had only been a week, week and a half or so that he and I had had sex every day, I'd gotten used to it very quickly! With his sudden departure, I was suddenly left all alone, and with only my own hands to help myself out with. I missed Ray's hands, mouth and cock very much!I was so lonely, that I actually began to look forward to school starting up again in September, which girl diaper models was only a couple weeks off... not that there had been much prospect of anything femal anal models happening to help satisfy my sexual appetite in the past couple years at school.So, for the first few days after Ray perteen naked modeling left, I moped about the house all day while my mother was off at work, feeling very sorry for myself. Of course, several times a day, I stripped down model boys nude and laid on my bed jacking wallpaper supermodels off, or showered, and jacked off. Still, without Ray, it wasn't very satisfying.After kate model a few days, my finger wasn't doing it for me. I really missed Ray's gigantic penis sliding in and out of me! Finally, I got the idea to try and find something that felt more like Ray when I slid it teen modeling factory up inside me!I tried a lot of things. Because the idea of finding a sex toy dawned on me while I watched my mother cutting up some carrots one evening, and I saw her shaving one particularly fat carrot down with a knife, the next day I visited the vegetable drawer of our refrigerator. In it I found a few things I thought might work.I started with another fat carrot, and used a knife to cut it down into the right size , then shaped it to look like a penis. Quickly I took my clothes off, right in the kitchen. no nud model Then, I used some olive oil to lube my dick-shaped carrot, and squatted down and held the oiled vegetable beneath me, pointed up at my asshole. When I jammed it upward, I automatically relaxed my anal muscles, and the carrot pierced through my opening and christina model boob slid up inside me.The carrot went in OK, cinfdymodel but it felt a little sharp on some edges where I'd fashioned the mushroom-shaped cock head, and harder than a real dick. It also wasn't as hot as Ray's dick had been. I tried shoving it in and out a couple strokes, but pulled it back out when the sharp edges bothered me. I washed the carrot off because it had a couple brown streaks on it, and smelled shitty, then tried to whittle the carrot down, but it never seemed quite little strars models right, so I threw it out and moved on to the next little model sweet vegetable.Mom had a couple of those long thin cucumbers. I selected one that seemed the right thickness, and cut sharp end off where the stem had been, then oiled it up and squatted again, and japan model amika shoved the cucumber up my ass. It felt better than the carrot, and a bit bigger too. As my cock throbbed with excitement, I straightened up, and let go of the cuke and reached around behind me wotld models to hang onto it, then waddled to my room with the vegetable still hanging out my hole. It felt weird, but exciting. Quickly I laid down and pulled my legs upward, and began sliding my new toy in and out of myself.As I worked the cuke in and out of me, it felt pretty good. Not as good as Ray, but not bad either. Grinning, I began jacking off as I slid the cucumber in and out of my rectum. Soon, I began getting excited, and felt my orgasm starting to build. In my excitement, I began working the cuke in and out of me a little harder and faster, then suddenly disaster struck! Just as I felt my climax really starting to build, the damned cucumber broke right in half! Worse! It broke right where it was sticking out of me, and half of it was stuck inside my ass!At first, I was suprised. Then, disgusted because my arousal instantly abated. Then, I got worried about the fact zhenya vlad model I had a large piece of a cucumber stuck inside my ass! What if it wouldn't come out?I lay there a moment, not sure what to do. After a moment though, I suddenly felt like I had to take a crap. I realized my body was trying to expell the cucumber on its own, so, I relaxed, and sure enough, my hole started to open. I 1972 maverick model began to preeteen little models push then as if I was trying to force a turd out, and sure enough, a moment later, I pooped the piece of cucumber out! I grinned with relief, but quickly crinkled my nose when I got a whiff of my shit. Carefully I got up, hoping I wouldn't find a turd laying on the bed with the cucumber. Much to my relief, I saw just the cucumber, but, it did have streaks of shit on it. Grimmacing, I picked it up with a preeten minimodel Kleenex and took it and fuse teen model the other half of the cucumber to the kitchen and threw model 15 yo it out.The only other vegetable I'd selected was a zucchini, which was still laying on the counter. After my experience with the cucumber, I decided not to try it, and put eufrat teen model it back in the vegetable drawer.For a moment, I looked around the refrigerator for something else to try. The only thing that looked possible was a hot dog. I was dubious about that though, since they seemed weaker than a cucumber, and I assumed they'd break, so I didn't try them.Disappointed, I closed the refrigerator and looked around the kitchen. Suddenly my eyes landed on a bunch of yellow bananas! I smiled as I looked at them, and wondered if they might work. lactating teens models Afterall, "banana" was another slang term for a cock. Quickly I stepped over and pulled one off the bunch. I looked it over and decided maybe I could slice the sharp part off the end and see if it would work.I grabbed the knife and cut the end off so the banana would be smooth, and wouldn't have any sharp edges. Quickly I greased it up and squatted again. As the fruit slid up into me, I began to realize it was awfully thick. Never-the-less, I managed to get some ashley reynolds model of it into me. Smiling, I pulled it back out, and headed back to my bedroom.When I was laying down with my legs pulled up, and I shoved the banana into me, it didn't feel as thick, so, I began fucking myself with it, and soon enough, I felt my excitement mounting again. Quickly I went to work on my dick too.For a minute or so then, I fantasized that the piece of fruit I was sliding in and out of myself was Ray. As I pumped my little model portal cock and ravaged my hole with the piece of fruit, my excitement built continuously. Soon, my hands were flying and I was quickly approaching my peak!I began shoving the banana in and out of myself as hard and fast as possible, and literally began beating my penis off.Then, suddenly, just as I was about to dream model girl explode, I must've squeezed the banana a little too much, because IT exploded in my hand!"Fuck!" I gasped in model blueteen links frustration, as I felt my climax wane again.I didn't stop pounding my asshole with what was left of the banana though, and kept yong girl models on whacking off, and a few seconds later, I was on the edge. I kept on going even though I felt pieces of mushy banana falling on my ass.Suddenly, I reached the point of no return, and my pretteen underware models body tensed and I blew a huge gush of hot semen all over my chest and belly. At the same time, my sphincter clenched the banana, and more of the mushy fruit leaked out of the cuts in the skin and mushed all over my hand and fell in gloppy globs on my ass.I was over the edge and in mid-cum though, so I didn't stop. I finished jacking off, and continued stuffing what was left of the banana in and out of my hole, and I spasmed several more times, coating my torso with jism, and mashing the banana more and more.By the time I was finished, I felt relieved sexually, but I was a complete mess. My body was sprayed with semen, and my ass, hand and bed were coated in mushy banana. Disgusted, I got up fitness models sex and took the banana to the kitchen trash and threw it out. Then with spunk drizzling down my torso, I ran into the bathroom and showered. Later, when I was clean and dried, I had to change and launder my bed sheet as well.After that episode, the next time I got horny, which was a couple hours later, I decided to steer clear of edible items to use as a dildo.For the next model jordan nude day and a half, sandra model boobs I experimented using various kitchen tools, tools from the naked sex model basement, and other odd items, even including the smooth handle of an upright vacuum cleaner, I found that were shaped somewhat like a penis. Some worked well enough, but none were topless tiny models that great.On the third day, as I watched my mother brushing her hair before she left for work, I wondered if the handle of her hair brush would make a good toy. It was smooth. After she left, I went to her room and looked pretenn nudist model for it. I didn't see it right away, so I started looking in her dresser drawers. It was then I noticed a box in the bottom of her underwear drawer, underneath everything. Naturally, I pulled it out and opened it, to see 16y teenmodels what was in it. My eyes opened wide with shock as I stared into the open box at a huge rubber cock and balls!"Holy Shit!" I gasped, as I gazed at the real dildo!For a moment I was just stunned. Then, suddenly I realized she must use it on herself, and I beautiful teen models yelped and dropped the box. The rubber dick rolled out of it, and I stared at it half horrified. As I stared at it though, I began to realize my dick was rapidly swelling!Obviously when I realized I was getting excited, I lost track of my thoughts about what my mother did with the thing, and quickly picked it up.My cock swelled even more when I realized it felt the same size and shape as Ray's cock, and the "skin" of it was soft rubber, and felt kind of like a cock! At the base of it was a fake scrotum with large balls in it. And at the very back end, was a large knob. when I twisted it, models titflash the "cock" began to vibrate. Instantly, my sex theoretical models cock began to throb!I was past the point of thinking straight, and with the dildo in my hand, I ran to the bathroom for the jar of vaseline, then back to my room. Quickly I stripped, then laid down on the bed. I opened the jar of vaseline and used my finger to scoop some out and grease the head of the dildo with. Then I pulled my legs up and wiped some vaseline on my anus. Of course panties model child I took a moment to rub myself, and even poked my finger through my muscle and fucked myself for a moment. Then, quickly I pulled my hand away and pointed the head of my mother's well-lubed dildo at my hole and pushed."Awww..." I groaned softly, as I felt myself open up, and the rubber cock began young 14 models to plunge into to me.Slowly, I slid the dildo all the way into me, and as it went in, I couldn't help but think how similar it felt to Ray's cock! Just not as warm.Once the dildo was in me, I twisted the knob and turned on the vibrator, then began sliding it back out again, and within seconds, I was gently pushing it in, and pulling it out, and pushing it back into me, and my other hand was wrapped around my penis, which I'd also greased with some vaseline. It felt awesome! Gently and gas dehydraion model sensually, I slid my hand up and down my rod, as I slid the rubber cock in and out of my rectum, and gradually, my orgasm began to build!Within a minute, I was nearly ready to cum already, and I was jamming the dildo in and absolutemodel out of me, and wildly masturbating. I sped up just a little, and soon I was fighting to hold back my explosion of joy!"AAAAWWWWWwwwww!!!" I cried out suddenly, as I tensed fully, and clenched the dildo with my sphincter, as I blew a huge glob of semen, forcefully from my dick. It young model undress flew through the air, and hit my forhead, and streaked down through my hair, and over my pillow! I'd never blown my cum that far before! It felt awesome!I continued jacking off and shoving the vibrating dildo in and out of me then, and spasmed several more times, although not quite as violently.When I was done, I had streaks and splatters of sperm ranging from the glob on my pillow above my head, tender model teens all the way through my hair, and down my face and neck, over my chest and modelek porn zdjecia down to a puddle that had drooled from my belly into my navel, and pooled there.I slid the dildo out of my young x models ass, and as I models glam teen used a finger to turn off the vibration feature, I lowered my legs, and sighed happily. I was spent, and it teen sexy models felt great! I hadn't felt that good since Ray had left!Of course, from that point on, and all through high school, whenever I was home alone and horny, czech teen models I usually always lily thai model borrowed my mother's toy. It truly made masturbation much more pleasureable! * * *When school started, I found I was right. Sexually speaking at least, nothing sandra model bio exciting happened all year in 8th grade! I did renew my friendship with a boy I'd been friends with in elementary school though, who I hadn't seen much of in 6th or 7th grade. Happily, we became best friends! And as a bonus, he was gorgeous too! Of course this was a source of great frustration to me at times too. Happily though, when I fantasized as I masturbated, my thoughts began to be of Anthony, instead of Ray. By the time paris teen models 8th grade ended, I wasn't thinking of Ray anymore. Unfortunately, all I could think about, was how much I wanted to get into Anthony's pants though!When childs panties models 8th grade ended, brazilian porn models I was devastated to find out that Anthony was transferring out to a boys-only Catholic High School in the fall! Fortunately however, he didn't live too far from my house, and his family wasn't moving away altogether!Like me, Anthony was left home alone when his parents were at work. And, although he had siblings, they were all older and preteeen models pantyhose had left home already. So, for the most part, Anthony was raised as an only child, just like I was, and was home alone a lot too.Once summer began, neither childmodel biz Anthony or I had anything to do all day, so we got together each day, usually eroticmodels at his house. It didn't take long for me to find out that like me, he too was always panty child models horny. I didn't realize right away though, that he liked guys, rather than girls, just like i did!Like most teenage boys, we of course talked about sex all the time - mostly about inopportune "boners" (our's and other guys' we'd seen), messy wet dreams we'd had, how jacking off stopped those messy wet dreams and was more tennie models sites fun anyway, dick size (our's and other guys' we'd seen), body hair (our's and other guys' we'd seen), etc etc. Of course, during all of this, I never let on it was guys I liked more than girls. Neither did he.One day when I arrived at his house, Anthony was all excited. He'd found his father's stash of pornography! It was rather extensive, and included hard-core magazines, books of erotic preteem model videos stories, and even a bunch of old 8 mm movies! Of course we got into watching the movies right away! Even though they were all straight films, I still got excited. Probably my excitement was due to seeing the teen models pedo guys' excitement, and watching them cum. I could tell Anthony was excited too. I could see his pants tenting, and am sure he noticed mine too. It wasn't long before he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. At the time I knew in my heart he was going ot agency modeling teen jerk off. I desperately needed to naked kid models myself, so while he was in models young nude the bathroom, I quickly leaped up, grabbed a handful of tissues, and pulled my hardon out and started whacking off. I finished almost right away, blowing my load in the tissues. He was red-faced, but his tent had disappeared when he returned. I expect I was in the same condition. As we watched nude models topsite some more, he used the bathroom one or two more times, and again, I blew my wad in some Kleenex.For a few days, we watched his dad's films each day, til we eventually burned out the film projector's bulb, and didn't have a new one. After that, we moved on to the magazines and books.Anthony and I had sleep overs at his house too sometimes. model art little One weekend when I was sleeping over, since his parents were both home, we went up to Anthony's room early in the evening. He had "borrowed" some of his father's porn for us to look at, I also saw he had a loose centerfold as well, which his father usually didn't have. Back when we grew up, Playboy and Penthouse magazines were not packaged in plastic, and were kept near all the other magazines. Many teenage boys, us included, used to take a comic book, and slide a Playboy or Penthouse, or better yet, Hustler magazine inside it, then as we pretended to read the comic magazines, we'd slide the centerfold out, and then put sneak the rest f the magazine back, leaving preeeteen models the centerfold in the middle of the comic book, which we'd then purchase.When I saw the loose centerfold on Anthony's bed, I figured he'd swiped it, so I opened it up to look at it. I was surprised when I saw it was a Playgirl centerfold! Blushing, Anthony admitted it was his, but he said he'd gotten it by mistake - that he thought he'd vladivostok model picked up a Playboy magazine, kid model thong but when he got home, found out it must've been a Playgirl magazine instead. I thought he looked strange as he told me his tale, but I let it go, as I was too enthralled with the gorgeous guy who was looking up out of the centerfold.Well, this particular night, as we read Anthony's dad's porn, we both got hornier than usual, and finally, Anthony announced he couldn't take it anymore. He needed to go to the bathroom and jack off badly, model transportataion but his mother and father were right downstairs, and he didn't want them to see the tent in his crotch if he went down to use the bathroom. Jokingly, I said, "Well, you could just jack off here."He must've been really desperate, because, he suddenly got under the covers and got undressed, and started masturbating with the blankets pulled up over him. I watched him for a moment, and although his nostrils were flaring, and he looked a little pink-faced, I didn't believe he was doing it, and said so. I was surprised when he pulled his hands out and reached down and gripped his blanket around his hardon and began masturbating with the blanket between his hand and his cock.I believed him then, and when model nude nudist I admitted I did, as he reached back under the covers to properly jerk off again, he suggested I join him. I was so horned up myself by then, that I did. I crawled into my side of his double bed, and got under the covers, and got naked, and started to jack off too.Oddly for being as close friends as we were, neither of baby models needed us had ever seen each other naked before! I don't remember which of us commented about that fact at that point, but suddenly he grinned and yanked his blanket up and displayed himself for me to see. I was shocked, but gazed hungrily for a moment down at his genitals, then, grinning, I yanked my side of the blankets up too, so he could see me.His eyes maxwell perteen models got big as he stared at me, then, when I dropped the blanket again a moment later, like he had, he cried, "Wait a minute. Show me again. I can't believe how long your's is!""And I can't believe how fat your's is!" I declared.Chuckling, he tossed the covers completely off himself then, saying, "well we've seen each other now, so it doesn't really matter anymore I guess!"Of course, then, I tossed the covers off too.For a moment then, we both laid there next to each other, staring down at each other's hardon.Anthony surprised me again then when he asked if he could touch mine. My cock surged with arousal at the thought, and quickly I agreed and as he reached for mine, I reached for his too. It felt awesome when he wrapped his hand around mine, and he seemed to like my hand on his too. Naturally, and without asking, we both started masturbating each other then!Grinning, we both agreed it felt awesome to feel someone else doing us, so we agreed to keep going. And, it did feel great!It didn't take long, and soon we were both nearly ready to cum. Neither of us said anything. We just kept going. He blew his load first, squirting droplets of spunk all over his belly, as youngest models pics I pumped away on his tool, and watched wide-eyed. model nn Then, as he watched me and pumped away on my penis, I too blew several streaks and spots of semen on my belly.When we were finished, we both pumped on each other's softening dick for asian women models a while. Then, when we were both soft, we stopped and laid there looking at each other for a alexandra model nonude minute. Finally, we used our T-shirts to clean ourselves up. After that we didn't bother to dress. We talked, a little incredulously about what we'd just done, then we each read some more porn and fondled ourselves. Of course soon, we were both hard again.When we teen pussy model decided to jack off again, Anthony lia naked model surprised perteen models top me by asking if I'd ever had a blow job!I didn't want to tell him about Ray, so I alimodelo 2007 issue lied and said, "No, but I can't wait to feel one." He agreed.He surprised me again then, by saying if I'd suck on his, he'd suck on mine! Of course, I agreed, although I still didn't realize he was gay, and thought he was joking. I couldn't help hoping he would do it though. Just in case he didn't go through with it though, I told him he had to suck mine first, and he agreed. He suggested we get in a '69' though, and do it together, but said he'd start. So, we got into a '69'. He warned me not to cum in his mouth, and I told him the same thing. Then, suddenly he went down on me!I was shocked when he went through with it, and I felt his hot wet mouth on my cock! Of course I was thrilled, and quickly joined in. He seemed to love it as much as I did! When I was going to cum, and I'd started tasting his saltiness too, I stopped and told him I was models teen male going to cum. Quickly he jacked me to a finish. Then, I went back to sucking on him. I sucked him a bit more til he got worked up again, then stopped me, and I jacked him to a finish.It felt awesome to finally be having sex again with someone other than just myself!Of course, that was just the beginning of a long term relationship between Anthony and myself. For every day for the rest of that summer, then each afternoon after school once the school year started, and nearly every day the following summers and after school the following farrah young teenmodel school years, all catwalk model nude the way through high school, I went to Anthony's house and we went up to his room, got naked, and sucked and jacked each other.We tried anal intercourse a few times. Even though I'd already had some experience being fucked by Ray, sadly it didn't work out well for Anthony and me. ls model queen He couldn't take my cock up his ass without it hurting him too much. And, oddly, usually it hurt me too much when he put his in me too. I'm pretty sure that the problem was neither of us took long enough, or the right actions to properly prepare the other's asshole before we tried to insert ourselves. I would've liked to keep working at it, because I knew from being with Ray, that it would work, and would've been awesome if we'd figured amanda nicole model it out, but Anthony really wasn't into it. He big bood models just wanted to suck and jack. I have to say though, the few times, when I managed to get my dick all the way into him, I found I loved the feeling of being a "Top" compared to being the "bottom" like I always had been with Ray, not that I mind an occasional poke up the butt though too! I guess I'm more versatile than Anthony. I'm pretty sure he turned out laurie child model to be pretty much just a top.And so, our relationship lasted all the way through the end of high school, when we ended up going off in different directions. Sadly, he's moved to the west coast now, and I haven't blacks models pictures seen or heard from him in years. When I do think of him, I can still see him vividly in my mind's eye. In particular, I can still see him coming off his bus, in a pair of bright red corduroy pants he had, or sometimes dark polyester pants, which, by the time we got to his house, usually had a huge tent in the crotch area. When we'd get into the house, he'd drop his bags, and flop into a chair, and grinning, he'd push his hips upward, and gasp and moan sensually. Of course ubermodels I'd kneel down and open his zipper and release his beast, and give it a little mouth action. Then, I'd stand up and he'd sit forward and do the same for me, or I'd flop down and he'd get on his knees and do me too. Shortly afterward, when we headed upstairs to his room, I also fondly remember how when I'd follow him up the stairs to his christina model 2007 room, naked preten models often half way teenie model tpg up the stairs, I'd reach up and fondle his ass. Then when he stopped, I'd push my hand between his legs, and fondle his hardon and balls a moment, before we'd continue on up the stairs! Most importanlty of course, my most vivid memories are of how his smooth, warm, dry, hairless skin felt as I ran my hands over his firm belly, back, thighs, and buttocks, as we lay completely naked on his bed, in a '69', sucking on each other's hardons! Those were great times!I think for a teenager, I was damned lucky to have a guy to have sex with all the time. I believe Anthony and I had more sex than any other teenage boys in either models harcore his school, or mine! Of course, as you'll read as my story continues, that may not have been the case... Maybe some other boys were just as active as we were! I know I managed to find and have some fun with a few who were as horny as we were, and I know Anthony had a few experiences with other boys too! But those stories are japanse teen model for future chapters.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Stay tuned asian videos models for the next chapter of this story which will zoe model be posted as soon as possible...
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